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June 2015 - Prof H Nwana, CEO of Atlantic-TM at the The Future of Wireless International Conference 2015 in London ( argues that 5G – as it is currently being envisaged - is increasingly irrelevant to Emerging markets

May 2015 - Dr H Nwana in the Philippines calls for more unlicensed spectrum access to connect the next 4 billion broadband unconnected

May 2015 - Nwana of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance aims to crunch the so-called spectrum crunch, 5G or no 5G

January 2015 - Nwana argues in Honolulu, Hawaii that License-exempting more spectrum for Wi-Fi, more and more Wi-Fi off-loading and allowing for true dynamic spectrum access are critical to addressing the 1000X spectrum challenge.

September 2014 - Prof Nwana opines on closing the Digital Divide at

July 2014 - Nwana blog argues that Spectrum Sharing Omens Bode Well

May 2014 - Nwana publishes acclaimed and authoritative book entitled Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) for Developing Economies

February 2014 - Nwana on what the future holds for broadcasting/media in Africa in Arusha, Tanzania