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Our Difference

We have a strong track record in providing an extensive range of Consultancy Services distinctively focussed on accurate and reliable assessment of your business environment, requirements and strategic direction and future goals.

We understand the Critical Success Factors and Risks that impact the implementation of your TMT Vision and, in partnership with other TMT experts deliver the implementation of tailored solutions that are most appropriate for our clients’ markets.

Our ambition is to ensure you achieve your tactical and strategic TMT goals and realise the associated business benefits in accelerated timeframes.

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Below are some examples of outcomes delivered to different Atlantic TM clients.



TMT Regulatory Consultancy

Provided Consultancy services on 4G and Infrastructure sharing for an operator in a Caribbean country.

Delivered a set of “Accelerator” Strategies & Blueprints for operators in a West African and a Southern African country with a view to gaining competitive advantage following recent and anticipated regulatory changes.

Delivered Audit Services to a West African operator to provide assurance on regulatory compliance.

TMT Project Delivery

Defined strategy and led end-to-end implementation of Digital Switchover for a Central African country.

Defined model for 4G and Infrastructure sharing for Operator in a Caribbean Country.

Managed specifications and design of Interconnect Clearing House in a West African country.

Product & Services Marketing

Provided models and templates for the assessment of new products and services for a West African client.

Defined a set of “Regulator-ready” deliverables which accelerated approval of new product and services for a West African Telecoms ? client.

Delivered blueprint for video-on-demand services across quadruple play services for a Southern European country.

Training & Capability Development

Provided targeted training to large global entity on the regulatory landscape in Africa.

Delivered training on mobile number portability to operators in West, Central and East Africa.

Delivery of Personnel/Team capability development and improving organisational performance through 1-2-1 mentoring, group training & planning and implementation of Business Transformation programmes for a West African operator.