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Our Difference

We are experienced Board Level Executives who focus on helping Company Boards and Senior Executive Officers redefine their long-term TMT Roadmap Vision and implement its strategic plans. We have a proven track record in providing Strategic analysis to Company Boards that delivers successful Business Turn-around and Transformation solutions.

We also help Boards through providing better understanding of new revenue streams conveying from value add activities such as Telecoms gaming, Mobile advertising and Mobile money.

Finally, as recognised thought leaders in TMT, our executives work at the cutting edge of new advancements in this field and bring innovative insights to the Boardroom.


Below are some examples of outcomes delivered to different Atlantic TM clients.



Board Advisory Services

Regular provision of inputs to Board of a West African TMT Company on strategic alignment its products to fast-paced government regulatory changes.

Spectrum Policy advisory services provided on an ongoing basis to Board of a European entity.

Board Advise to a Central African Operator on their top three strategic priorities.

Provided strategic blueprint and commercial models to two West African Operators to gain competitive advantage from newly available TV Whitespaces and E-band.

Due Diligence & Market Entry Services

Ongoing provision of due-diligence services to two of the top Private Equity firms with operations in the African continent.

Defined market entry strategy and used Atlantic TM’s significant network to accelerate entry of European firm into a West African country.

Currently defining Market Entry strategy for Global provider of technology underpinning TV Whitespaces.

Facilitating Market Entry for provider of Freesat and Freeview services into a West African and a Central African country.